Ake no Tobari Ch. 120 & T Sensei Vol. 1 Ch. 6

Nanaten here. I just finished watching Utawarerumono the False Mask anime, so I decided to rewatch the first anime series. With the announcement of what I assume was Utawarerumono series mousou game, I hope they announce anime adaptation of Mask of Truth soon.

And this week on Nanaten's Stagnant Youtube Channel:

Flash Hunter (from P.Photography) filmed his cosplay footages back in February. It was during an event I couldn't attend because I was at my cousin's and uncle's wedding receptions. A few weeks later he handed me those footages. I was only able to finish the video because I found a logo reveal animation on premium beat. Originally, the video was meant to end abruptly with everything cuts to black. While I'm glad I found that animation, I wonder how everyone's reaction would be if I did otherwise?

This week, I keep getting emails about internet sites and their privacy policies. And since google is also updating their privacy policy, I ought to inform everyone this. Though, I am not exactly sure how this affects anything I've done until now, it's still nice to get notified.

About this week's Ake no Tobari: this is a flashback chapter about everyone's (least, I assume,) favorite character, Meyui. In this chapter, we get to see how the demon trio came to rule Shinonome. Once again, shout-out to Eva from Mavi Manga for the amazing editing and typesetting.

So here're Ake no Tobari and T-Sensei. See you next week.

T-Sensei Volume 1 Chapter 6:

Ake no Tobari Chapter 120:

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