Tekken Chinmi Legends Vol 15 Ch 68 & T-Sensei Vol 1 Ch 5

Nanaten here. And happy Ramadan for you Muslims out there! Time to enjoy delicacies such as fruit punch, fruit punch, and fruit punch for the next thirty days!

Time for video of the week! This is the second cosplay video as I told last week:

This was shot the day after last week's video. There were three separate cosplay events happened that weekend and I only had time to attend two. The other one is actually held on the same building as the first event, but every cosplayer already went home by the time I got there. For this video, I tried to have fun messing with time remapping. However, I noticed that there is a lot of shaking in my camera and my phone kept changing the ISO automatically. Maybe I should get a rig for stabilizing my footages.

I am currently having a mild cold, so I couldn't do much this week because of medication, but I will try to get as many chapters as I can so I will have free time to do something else this month. Until then enjoy these beautiful chapters. I'll see you next week when Ake no Tobari returns.

Tekken Chinmi Legends Volume 15 Chapter 68:
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T-Sensei Volume 1 Chapter 5 (shout-out to Eva from Mavi Manga for cleaning and typesetting):
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