Tekken Chinmi Legends Vol. 15 Ch. 67

Nanaten here. My sister and I spent the past few days just chilling in front of a laptop binging 13 Reasons Why before second season airs next week. At the time of writing this, I convinced her to watch Stranger Things, but she got scared before the opening credits, so she watched Riverdale instead. It's fun to watch her guessing who killed Jason Blossom.

Last week, I talked about how I wish Mushoku Tensei get its anime adaptation. And I still do. Mushoku Tensei is one of the first reincarnation light novels I've ever read. I used to wait everyday to see if there's a new chapter translated. I remembered how I got excited when I read the adventure volumes, laughed when I read the daily life chapters, and cried when I read the last chapter. It is one of the series where you care so much for the characters because you watch them growing from infancy right to the final moment of their lives and yet you know life goes on in that world. There is still so many more stories to tell and lots of unanswered questions. I am looking forward to the sequel to the WN version and perhaps for the LN version to be localized.

This week, I worked on three cosplay videos and two covers I have on my backlog. Here's the first cosplay video I shot back in April:

I haven't done cosplay videos for months at that point. At the time of shooting, I realized I have lost my touch. That Cindy footage was shot by my friend because I couldn't find the right angle. I also lost some footages because I was shaking too much. I am also learning about color grading recently, so there are parts that are overexposed. I am saying this because the other two videos have almost the same quality.

Another video I uploaded is a quick cover of Baloney Speaker by Nekobolo:

Somehow, this (and some other songs) got stuck in my head, so I had to record a cover of it. Not counting that History Maker video, this is actually the first English cover I've ever done. (Note to self: always tune before mix)

About this chapter: Ake no Tobari chapter 120 is a long chapter and almost all of them needs a proper cleaning. Since the folks at Mavi Manga still haven't gotten back to me yet, I decided to translate Tekken Chinmi Legends. I was supposed to work on this few weeks ago. I rented the volume that time and I still haven't returned it yet, racking late fees each passing day. So while I am waiting for the typeset chapters of Ake no Tobari (and T-Sensei), I will be working on TCL.

So here's the continuation of Tekken Chinmi Legends. Now I'm gonna go and watch my sister reacts to Riverdale.

Tekken Chinmi Legends Volume 15 Chapter 67:
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