T-Sensei Vol. 1 Ch. 3-4 & Ake no Tobari Ch. 119

Happy (belated) Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you!

Recently, I've been re-reading Mushoku Tensei (and to some extend, its sequel spin-off, Jobless Oblige). As one of the first reincarnation genre light novels and probably the one that sets the cliches of that genre, it's still baffling me that this series hasn't gotten its anime adaptation yet. Though, as a fan, I know how hard it is to adapt the story into at least 12 episode format considering the pacing and the content of the first 6 volumes. First two volumes did a good job to explain the world the characters lived in. But the next 4 volumes (a.k.a. the golden age) is so good, it would be a crime not to adapt the whole story. What do you think? Should Mushoku Tensei get an anime adaptation? Let me know in the comments.

Random irl stuff: people in my house were so busy the past two weeks, we forgot to clean the house, so it was overrun with ants and mosquitos. Fortunately, no one got the dengue fever, but we did lost a good amount of sleep at night.

About these chapters: I can't remember when was the last time I post three chapters in a week (two weeks ago actually, but one of the chapter was a reupload, so it barely counts.) It is to make up some monthly chapters I missed out the past couple of months. I really hope we can keep up with this pacing, me and the amazing folks at Mavi Manga who did the cleaning and type settings on these chapters as usual.

So here are T-Sensei and Ake no Tobari chapters. Next Ake no Tobari chapter is taking a bit longer to clean, so there will be a delay. But I promise to do do an update a series next week.

T-Sensei Volume 1 Chapter 3:
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T-Sensei Volume 1 Chapter 4:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 119:
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