Ake no Tobari Ch. 118

Nanaten here. I just got back from seeing Avengers: Infinity War. I must say that it does live to the hype ever since that Thanos reveal in the first Avengers movie.

Also, thank you for your positive responses on T-Sensei. I hope that you enjoy this series as much as I enjoy translating it.

And now it's time for my new favorite segment of weekly updates: My Cover of the Week! (Don't worry, not an actual thing). This week, I and my teammates for the upcoming Love Scenario Chorus Battle did a blend test together. We tried to sing the first part Secret Base from Anohana. Check it out at the video below, courtesy of Yuko:
Our team name is 【マムプス】 which is the Japanese katakana for Indonesian word "mampus" that means "to die in a negative way". I wish for your support for the Chorus Battle next month.
About this chapter: similar to previous chapters, typesetting and cleaning were done by Eva from Mavi Manga.

So here's the penultimate chapter of A Place to Live arc. I still can't get over Infinity Wars for the moment. I'll see you next week.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 118:
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