New Series: T Sensei

Nanaten here. Remember when I said how my sister will no longer bother me after her graduation? Well, how wrong I was. My sister took a TOEFL test to apply for post graduate and now that her result came low, guess who no longer has time to translate and is stuck to tutor her? THIS GUY!!!

At first, I didn't mind. But a few hours ago she brought a couple of her friends and asked me to tutor them as well. And because they started at different time, I had to tutor them first and then my sister at different time. Just to think that I have to tutor them a week before the upcoming test, you can assume that I am in an incredibly foul mood. There's of aggression and adrenaline just typing this sentence alone.

Anyway, I'm done ranting. Last week, my cover of Sugar Song and Bitter Step was blocked on Youtube. So Instead, I pushed my other cover forward.

It's a music video of my Japanese  cover of Money by Mystery Skulls (a.k.a. Turntable Turnabout). Guess that Ace Attorney obsession I had a couple of weeks ago finally paid off, huh? I'd worked on this MV for 6 months. This is my first time doing an animation. Most of it are done on premiere pro, so it's a little bit rough.

Let's talk about this new series. This series is called T Sensei. It is based on the daily life of a nursery school teacher in Tokyo. I discovered this series on Twitter, and I hadn't realized that this series received an anime adaptation on Production I. G.'s vertical anime app. It depicts the life of T Sensei and his adorable students.

This translation project is a joint project between me and Mavi Manga. I slipped this series to them while working on chapter 117 of Ake no Tobari and they thought this series is cute as hell. So I will be releasing the English translation of this manga while they will release their Turkish translation. I will be releasing at least two chapters every two weeks, depending on my schedule. It will take up slot for the first monthly series. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoy reading and translating it.

Also, you're probably wondering why there's an Ake no Tobari tag in here. Well, as of posting last week's release, I noticed a text placement error in the chapter 117. It was my fault when I handed the translated script, I missed a line so some lines were shifted by one speech bubble. I noticed it too late by the time it has been uploaded. By the time you read this, the problem has been fixed.

So here's the first two chapters of T Sensei. Next week, Ake no Tobari returns.

T Sensei Chapter 1:
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T Sensei Chapter 2:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 117 (Fixed):
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