Ake no Tobari Ch. 92

Nanaten here. This week I've doing nothing but working on the commissioned chapters (volumes, in this case). I almost forgot that I had midterms this month. My mind is so incoherent right now. I'm typing this half-awaken while swaying back and forth between my desk and my bed.

Random stuff: as motivation, I read through Fudekage last night (main reason I'm sleep deprived as we speak). Thinking back, I made quite a lot of mistakes to the point I can see it as a drinking game. Compared to how I am doing right now, I would still make mistakes only less frequent. Maybe I should go back and fix Fudekage. As a Patreon stretch goal perhaps?

About this chapter: Tekka is the MPV this week. But I have to give special award to Hibachi. I had to leave one particular Hibachi's panel as is just because of how hilarious and epic it is (you know which one).

So here's demon underlings chapter. Next week: Chief vs. Tobari. Who will come on top? Just kidding. 

Chapter 92:

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