Illbeck no Seirei Jutsushi Vol. 1 Ch. 3

Nanaten here. After two months, I think we all can agree that this monthly release is where I wrote heavy stuff I've been feeling. Pretty contrary to this series in general, I know. So here's the story I've been wanting to tell you: the crying story.

Few days before my audition I dreamed about my grandma.  And next to her was my late great aunt (she passed away before my graduation early this year). In that dream, we just sitting there, talking. I don't remember we were talking about. But it was pleasant.

Next night I had another dream about my great aunt. Back when she passed away, I didn't cry. And I guess her death finally started to hit me. So in that dream she hold me and I started crying as loud as I can. I really missed her. 

Night after that, I saw another dream. It's the same as the first one. We were just sitting there. At that time I finally accept her passing. She taught me many things (she worked as a teacher so that's a given). Come to think of it, she was one of my inspirations to take a major in education.

This week I'm picking up my grandma. She'll be staying with us for a couple of weeks. I hope to spend time with her. Although it would most likely be me staying in my room working on chapters and other project while she is sipping tea in the office/our living room (I really need to make that house tour video).

About this chapter: continuing from last week, Cleria's spirit is out of her body which leaves her vulnerable. That means it's up to Etwass to protect her. But with mysterious man watching him and unknown entity targeting them. Can Etwass do it? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z... just kidding (I have to uplift the mood after all that heavy stuff somehow , right?).

So here's Etwass vs. the world. Next week: trouble in big city.

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