Ake no Tobari Ch. 91

Nanaten here. Thank you for your commissions. Thanks to your support, I have enough funds to finish my costumes with extras for equipment and groceries. I'm currently working on those commissioned chapters. That means I'll be extremely busy during October. But fear not! I will still upload Ake no Tobari regularly (I hope).

Random stuff: Everyone around the office/home has a song stuck on their heads lately. Some was "Hotto Doggu" google translate song, one was "Take Me Home, Country Road" cover due to new Kingsman movie, and mine was "Desease Called Love"  by Neru & z'5.

About this chapter: continuing from previous chapter, now we see just how much Reimei wants to be dependable to Tobari. But enough about that. Demon underlings take the main spotlight this chapter: in this case, Tekka and Shimon. After Shimon stabbed the group in the back (literally), now we see the effect of that act towards their friendship.

So here's demon underlings chapter. Next week: Tekka is on the scene.

Chapter 91:

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