Ake no Tobari Ch. 93-94

Nanaten here. Sleep deprivation combined with midterms and commissions i mentioned last post ended up causing me to come down with a cold last week. I had to take a break last week but now I have fully recovered. That being said, I still have three midterm tests to go. Good news, I am almost done with commissioned chapters (translating stage that is, not typeset). Expect them to arrive 1-2 weeks (I also have another exam coming up. I am so sorry).

Random stuff: I finally started my Let's Play series called Citrus Plays. You can watch the first episode where I play Doki Doki Literature Club here:
I have been planning to do a Let's Play series for a year and I'm finally be able to do it. I've uploaded seven episodes this week and I will upload more in the future. I hope you'd enjoy it as much as I enjoy making this. I'll try to upload one-two episodes a week from now on to make room for other content as well. Let me know what kind of games I should play. I'm thinking 3x3 Eyes PS1 game.

About these chapters: this is the end of Dawn of Fluffy arc (I've finally found the perfect name for this arc). This is a very pleasant story as we look Tobari and Reimei's effort finally bore its fruit. The conclusion also gives us way for Reimei to be more involved in Tobari's battles. If there is something this series lacks, it's Reimei's involvement in general.

So here's the conclusion of Dawn of Fluffy. Next week: new character, Tobari's flashback and (hopefully) sponsored chapter(s).

Chapter 93:

Chapter 94:

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