Ake no Tobari Ch. 88-89

Nanaten here. My first Hero Academia cover is finished. It will be up next week. But you can check it now at my Patreon page. More MHA content will be coming in October.

Random stuff: my brother bought toy BB guns to put in the office. At the time, we thought it was a good idea. We use it to keep away the bat that's been living at our front porch. Now that we've get rid of it, we decided to put them on display. We also bought darts and put them next to a plug. Then we realized how terrible that idea was and now we put them at the middle of BB display at the bottom of company logo.

About this chapter: these are flashback chapters featuring Reimei and Sayuri's second son. These are personally my favorite chapters. We get to see other side of Reimei that we haven't seen before.

So here's Reimei origin story. Next week: beginning of Reimei vs. Tobari arc.

Chapter 88
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Chapter 89
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