Ake no Tobari Ch. 90

Nanaten here. My first MHA cover is here. Special thanks to Fery Setiawan for the amazing mixing. You can check it by clicking the video below. More MHA videos are coming soon.
Speaking of a superhero themed stuff, I just read second issue of Mech Cadet Yu. It was incredible.If you enjoy stories about a young boy with his giant robot, I highly recommend it.  It reminds me of giant robot movies like Iron Giant and War on Geminar. And speaking of WoG, episode 4 of Tenchi Muyo OVA 4 is here. From what I heard, it details the story of Kenshi from his birth to before his departure to Geminar.

Random stuff: So I went to another audition today. We were put in pairs and must act in a scenario. I was in a hurry because I need to go someplace else. I ended up flubbing my audition. Pretty sure my partner was pissed. I'd be devastated if I hadn't have a good cry two days ago (I'll talk about that next week).

About this chapter: This is the beginning of Reimei vs. Tobari arc. Friendship will be tested. Bonds will be broken. Blood will be spilled. Tears will fall. Just kidding. The following arc is pretty mellow and heartwarming. It's a well deserved break after that fiasco that is called "For You" arc. I also include a translation note regarding this chapter and previous two chapters.

So here's Reimei vs. Tobari arc. Next week: we check on demon underlings.

Chapter 90

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