Ake no Tobari Ch. 87

Happy Eid Al-Adha, everybody! Nanaten here enjoying home pre-made meatballs with friends and family. I was kind of worried seeing my father's condition when he visited. My mother has been staying with us for a couple of weeks while my father was working back home. He hadn't eating properly, so I begged my mother to go back home with my father. They are leaving tomorrow. Hopefully my mother would stop worrying about us and starts taking care of my father.

This week I decided to upload my cover of Sugar Song & Bitter Step from Blood Blockade Battlefront.
I did this cover live back in January, but unfortunately all existing footages was lost. I only decided to record this after I saw one of my friend's English cover of this song. So please check it out before you read this chapter and let me know what you think of my cover in the comments below.

Speaking of comments, I should address the problems about the missing comments on chapter page. No, I did not delete them. For some reason, Disqus won't show up on the pages, so I have to manually insert the code. While I indeed receive the comments, for some reason, it won't show up when I load the chapter with said comments.. It was only until last week when I (probably) solve that problem, but unfortunately, comments before that won't show.

About this chapter: this is a depressing chapter. In here, Tobari is shown to have realized his own selfishness. He declare that he needs to be responsible, something that Yonaga has been telling him to do but too late to listen. Yet, is that what's best for Tobari? Oh I almost forgot, two new characters are introduced. They will be important in the next few chapters.

So here's Tobari's remorse chapter. Next week: double chapters featuring Reimei's backstory and how he's fit in all of this.

Chapter 87:
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