Illbeck no Seirei Jutsushi Vol. 1 Ch. 2

Nanaten here. Thank you for the reception. I said everything I wanted to say regarding this project last month, so let me talk about what I've been feeling this month.

I saw my friends moving up on their projects, making upgrades, improving their skills, taking them somewhere noticeable. Comparing to myself who is still in a state where I first began has left me depressed.

When I play an rpg, I would distribute my stat evenly. So I ended up with a high level character with low stat, no specialty regardless of my main class. I have every skill but the output is so low it doesn't matter. Kinda like scanlation. I have skill at translating, cleaning, and typesetting, but everything is at beginner level. While they show sign of improvement, it isn't enough to keep up with the others.

Combine that with other non-scanlation projects (youtube, singing, editing, cosplaying, studying), my head now is a jumbled mess. I'm currently organizing which day to do what project and it seems to be working. Study on monday and wednesday, recording on tuesday, translation on thursday and friday, and cosplay on weekend. While progress is still slow, a progress is still a progress. I used to think it as a win but right now? I'm not so sure. One thing for sure, I need to keep up.

Which is why I'm starting to use patreon as a way to purchase upgrades I need for my projects, starting with recording equipments a few months back. And recently, I made a new adsense account to monetize my youtube account so I can purchase more upgrades. I'll eventually use the money to purchase official manga raws. But for now, a public raws will have to do.

About this chapter: Etwass and Cleria has started their journey to Corseltel. In this chapter, we get to see what kind of work Cleria does to get by. When we first saw her, she was kicked out for not having a spirit. Now that she has a spirit companion, she can take jobs without a slight worry. Also, new character is introduced.

So here's Cleria and Etwass in the big city. Next month: Cleria and Etwass are on the job.

Chapter 2:
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