Ake no Tobari Ch. 86

Nanaten here. I overcut the wig for my MHA cosplay so I have to look for a hairclip next month. Other than that, my Reimei cosplay is still untouched. Now, If only I can find someone to cosplay as Tobari....

Random stuff: I'm working on my Bahasa Indonesia cover of MHA "Sora ni Utaeba". It will be available next month. I'm also starting a Cards Against Humanity recording session with a few friends over at my youtube channel. I'll be uploading it whenever I have no other content on my channel. If you want to know how childish and offensive I can get, please check it out. Also please subscribe so I can claim a url and get rid off that embarrassing username (she was hot, okay?).

About this chapter: this is the epilogue of "For You" arc. Also this is the actual appearance of Tobari's mother. She will become the side story for the next few chapters.

So here's the chapter. Next week: new characters and Tobari's descend into darkness.

Chapter 86

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