Ake no Tobari Ch. 85

Nanaten here. My cosplay wigs have arrived. My Reimei cosplay is progressing smoothly. However, I sort of blown up my budget this month because of My Hero Academia cosplay, so Reimei will have to wait until November.

Random stuff: I've been recording songs during my pass time so much, I forgot to do Ake no Tobari this week. Unfortunately, due to lack of mixing skills, I decided to only upload it on my personal facebook page. Also I realized that I don't close my eyes completely so at times my eyes were white. My classmates had mentioned it back in highschool that I looked like someone who is about to faint or possessed. I ignored them then. It is not until now I noticed how bad it looks.

Also, the power cord over our house caught on fire, twice. Luckily, our house wasn't affected, but it caused power outage to houses next to ours and probably few blocks after. I noticed dark houses for a few blocks during our way to the electric company. I think we caused it.

About this chapter: I enjoy body related puns in this series. So much that I tried to keep them in the translation as much as possible. This conclusion chapter really contrasts the arc overall with its tone, especially towards the end.

So here's the conclusion chapter of "For You" arc. Next week: epilogue.

Chapter 85
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