Ake no Tobari Ch. 83-84

Nanaten here. We just redecorated our furnitures to fit house-office feel. I might do a house-office tour video sometimes next year. Now I have my pc at the corner of my room with my bed as a chair. I won't have to leave my bed to do most of my stuff anymore. This will ruin the edge of my bed in a few weeks.

My mic arm arrived this week and it looks magnificent on my table. I also bought a book stand for holding script and is currently standing next to my wardrobe and cosplay props. Now my room is officially a bedroom, recording room, and a walk-in closet.

About these chapters: these are the penultimate chapter of "For You" arc. When Momo Chidori came back after the hiatus, I was so excited to see the conclusion of this arc. Between chapter 82 and 83, Momo Chidori uploaded two bonus chapters: one short summer themed chapter, and one long summary. And when I said long, I meant long. It's a retelling of over 80 chapter long story. It's a good jumping point, but it's too long. Like 50 pages long. Also have I mentioned that it's long?

So here're this week's Ake no Tobari. Next week is the conclusion of "For You" arc.

Chapter 83

Chapter 84

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