Ake no Tobari Ch. 82

Nanaten here. Good news: I can now use my daily login ticket at comico webpage to rip Ake no Tobari raws on PC. Bad news: all of my bonus login ticket (about 50 of them) expired. Other good news following that bad news: I managed to procure up to chapter 112 before my tickets expired. Other bad news following that good news: I was too lazy to rearrange the chapters when I ripped them and they are now collection of vertical jigsaw puzzle. So I'm thinking of rerip those chapters on my PC since I'm also missing a couple of chapters.

Random stuff: Flash Hunter (P.Photography) asked me to do the editing of his cosplay showcase video. I am cosplaying as Shinya Hiiragi (Seraph of the End) in this short video at 1:11. Be sure to check out P.Photograpy at the link above and tell him I send you.

About this chapter: Momo Chidori is taking a break this week. Fun fact: this chapter is the chapter Momo Chidori made before taking a break due to eye injury last year.

So here's this week's Ake no Tobari. Next week is double chapter.

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