Ake no Tobari Ch. 81

Nanaten here. Thank you for the support of Illbeck no Seirei Jutsushi project. I didn't received any complaints about it, so I assumed you liked it.

Yesterday I decided to read Superman: American Alien. Too bad it isn't canon. It would've been a decent origin story. After reading it, I kinda missed Smallville tv series. So I decided to watch the first season. Currently I'm on episode 6 as I'm typing this.

Why am I telling you this? I realized that I'm slowly attracted to comics and slowly drifting away from anything manga related. I haven't watch any anime in a week. Heck, every wednesday I spend my time waiting for new DC issues to come out. And I think my comico tickets I saved to rip Ake no Tobari chapters have expired. Guess now I really have to pay for every chapter.

So in order to get back on my weeb track, I decided to take my song cover to the next level. This week I tried to make a japanese cover of Mystery Skulls "Money" (a.k.a. Turntable Turnabout). The lyrics is mostly done. Though I'm not sure if it fit the song or not. It still need a couple of tweaks and checks. I hope to be able to finish the song by August.

About this chapter: I sort of forgot on how to use the blur effect, so it was a little bit messy. But compared to previous redraws, it's still pretty decent.

So here's Ake no Tobari chapter 81. Next week: what happens to the demon trio (that is if I don't forget to typeset the chapter because of Smallville marathon).

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