Ake no Tobari Ch. 78-79

Nanaten here. Sorry that I didn't update any chapter last week. I was too tired from the road trip back to the city and the next day, I had a cold. I couldn't typeset the chapter in time. 

So next week is my brithday birthday (okay, this joke is getting old). I'm turning 23 this year (I'll save the speech for next week). As per tradition, here is my wishlist back in 2015 with 2017 update:
  1. Condenser Mic (Saving my money on this one. In the meantime, I'm using my friend's)
  2. Camera Lens for my phone (Bought one last year, as you can see on my youtube channel.)
  3. Smartphone tripod (I just use my brother's regular tripod and slap a smartphone mount)
  4. External soundcard (Bought one a couple of months ago. Thanks patreon!)
  5. Hard disk for my PC (and/or a graphic card)
  6. Complete volume of any Masatoshi Kawahara's series (Bought Kaiouki volume 41 a few months ago. Baby steps)
  7. Google Adsense approval for my blog (I decided to give up on this after fourth try)
  8. Kitchen knife set
  9. Apron
  10. Internet domain name (I should put this as a patreon goal)
  11. 100 youtube subscribers (61 subs this year and looking good. Seriously, please subscribe!)
  12. Money (Thanks patreon!)
  13. People who actually want to celebrate my birthday. (Please comment! I also accept gift in form of donation.)
I just realized that I got most of these stuff not on my brithday birthday.

Speaking of my birthday. I also will upload the new translated series at that time. First chapter will be available for Patrons and non-patrons at the same time. And it act the second sponsored chapters for the month. So next week, there is only going to be one chapter of Ake no Tobari. Sorry in advance.

About these chapters: I must say that I'm a little bit proud of what I did on redrawing department. Because this time, I actually remember to save the redrawn files. Yay, me!

So here are the first sponsored chapter for this month. Next week: new series and Ake no Tobari (if I get the redrawing in time.)

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