Ake no Tobari Ch. 77

Nanaten here packing my bag to go back to the city. I think it has been an enjoyable visit/vacation. Of course I mostly sat at home as my other family members were driving around town due to my severe car sickness, but it has been enjoyable. Alas, now it is time to go back to (not so) concrete jungle and sit at home translating (still).

I could not enjoy as much fun as my family during the last few days. They went to visit our relatives in other town while I just stayed at home as I mentioned earlier. You see, ever since childhood I have this severe car sickness. Not a motion sickness, a car sickness. Every time I enter inside an automobile, I throw up. Almost to the point of a phobia, according what other people said to me. Even imagining being inside a car makes me dizzy. 

This also applies to buses and trucks. I have not gone abroad a ship or a plane before so I don not know if it applies to them as well. Fortunately, I can handle being inside a convertible or on the back of a truck. I just cant stand the sensation of being inside a car, even for five minutes. I cannot be the only one who fell like this. Let me know if you also have this condition.

About this chapter: unfortunately, before I left last week, I only managed to typeset only this chapter. Hopefully, I will not be tired by when I get back so I can translate and typeset the next few chapters.

So here is a flashback chapter. Next, more story from Magatoki PoV.

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