Ake no Tobari Ch. 75-76

Nanaten here. Happy Eid Il Fitr, everybody! I have safely arrived at my hometown. And currently taking a break with everything I can considering my limited time here. I think I deserve a break before I get busy again this July. As for whats coming in July: new series, and a compilation video.

Random stuff: I just found out that Powerless has been officially canceled. And DC Nation has uploaded the unaired season finale as a tribute for the late Adam West. I am devastated that this show is canceled. It might be a sinking ship considering what this show has gone through: showrunner departure, change of premise, lack of superhero humor. But as someone with medium standard in comedy such as I, I find it very entertaining. I really hope that an online network will try to revive this series like Yahoo did with Community. If it doesn't, I have to be satisfied with the season finale. 

About this chapter: remember when I mentioned last week of how this arc is confusing? I was referring to these two chapters. I do not know if Magatoki wants to kill Reimei or Tobari and I think that was the whole point.

So here are this months second/third double release. Next week is a flashback chapter featuring Magatoki and Tobari.

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