Ake no Tobari Ch. 73-74

Nanaten here. I'll be going back to my hometown next week and won't be back until July. But I'll try to translate as many chapters as I can this weekend.

Recently, Patreon has updated their logo, layout, and added new features. I see people complained about the new logo (which is literally two geometric shapes). To be honest, I too prefer the old logo. It was simple and easy to recognize. My only problem with patreon's new logo is that the changes are far too radical. The only traces of the old logo left are the circle color and how it shaped like the letter "P", barely. For people who have been using patreon for a long time, it will take some time to get used to. But in the mean time, petreon will hear lot of complains.

That being said, the new layout and new features are, of course, very welcomed. I can easily access my patreon account's statistic and be more engaged to my patrons. Which leads to a variety of patron only contents. And with more patrons joining in, I never see patreon's updates as a bad thing. However, since it's only in beta (and my phone is still being repaired), I couldn't use much of these new feature.

Now for the random stuff: since last week, I've been engrossed myself in DC's comics: Batman and Robin, DC Rebirth Superman, Gotham Academy, and recently, Super Sons. And reading orientation between japanese manga and comic book confused my brain.

Other random stuff: I just watched the whole two seasons of Young Justice and now I'm in the middle of Gravity Falls marathon as I'm typing this.

About this chapter: this arc is confusing for me, mostly due to Magatoki's personality and the lack of pronoun. Luckily it only applies for first few chapters. I've been saying this a lot since the beginning of this arc: but this is really an intense arc. And with the stakes getting higher each chapter, I don't see a way for the intensity to cool down.

So here're this week's double release. Next week: a second double release for this month (provided I won't get too distracted by Gravity Falls marathon. I'm on season 2.)

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