Ake no Tobari Ch. 72

Nanaten here. I needed a change of pace so I looked into a new short series to translate. And since I have a great judgement of how to priority, I ended up spending the last 5 days translating it than working on my current projects until my brain started to blowing out steam.

The new series will come out monthly starting next month.  It's a two volume spin off series that I already reviewed in this blog. Five chapters are ready for proofreading and typesetting. I started doing that series because I will be entering post-grad study program. And translating this series reminds me of the time I started this whole scanlation adventure. You can say that I'm going back to my roots.

But that doesn't mean that I'll stop doing other projects. Ake no Tobari is still weekly priority as usual and I assure you that other series will make a return as well. But if you feel like you want to take over some of the projects, especially the ones that was out far too long, I'm not here to stop you. I'm doing this to share some of my favorite series so people can feel joy by reading it. I think these series are great and they deserve more credit. I want to get another translator so I can share the burden of translating these series, but I am unable to hire another translator. So if you feel like you want to take some of Citrus' Projects (see what I did there?), please contact me.

Random stuff that's been going on recently: after translating those chapters I found myself watching DCAU movies, especially the ones featuring Damian Wayne.

About this chapter: during upload, I have to stitch the chapter together and split it into many shorter images. Unfortunately, something went wrong during this time's upload. I had to split the translated chapter into two and split them separately. Normally I would have them split up into around 1400 pixels each but this time I ended up with around 1100 pixels. In other words: too many small parts. Sorry about that.

So here's chapter 72. Next two weeks will be double releases.

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