Ake no Tobari Ch. 70-71

Nanaten here. The fasting has left me too hungry to translate by day and I was too lazy to do it by night (plus the mosquitos). And the patreon goal was back to below $20 goal so no double chapter next week. Fortunately, we have two chapters this week that was supposed to be last month's double release. It's confusing and it messes with my scheduling slightly.

I am considering coming back to translate other regular series as part of double release. You know, one chapter of Ake no Tobari and one chapter of other projects. Since by this point, I feel like I've been abandoning them ever since I start translating Ake no Tobari. I just recently discovered a Taiwanese facebook fanpage of Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi which uploads the latest raws for CnR-KM and it made me consider of going back down that rabbit hole. That being said, I'm holding that thought at least until I'm caught up with Ake no Tobari's Japanese raws. Anyway, let me know what you think.

As for that other voice project I mentioned last week. It's still just an idea. I and my friend tested the mic and soundcard a couple of weeks ago. It needs a couple of tweaks. The problem of using a windshield is that you can't tell which side of the mic is the front. Also with my grandmother staying over, I couldn't find a timing to record. (Also, see first paragraph)

About this chapter: the thing about Magatoki that makes him my favorite antagonist in this series is that how he turns from a cold blooded slaughter to a cute psychopath in just a few panels. He can be menacing at one time and next thing you know, he's Tobari's number one fan at the other. And it clearly shows at his motivation in this chapter and in this arc.

So here're this week's (or should I say last month's? It's still confusing) double release. Next week will be one chapter but the week after that will be a double release (for the month).

Chapter 70.
Chapter 71.

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