Ake no Tobari Chapter 69

Nanaten here. Happy Easter and beginning of Ramadhan. I had a pretty busy week driving my relative to college. She's enrolling to a college near my house this semester. The only problem was, she's staying at the opposite side of the city, so I have to drive back and from her place. It was so exhausting that I wasn't sure I was able to upload new chapters this week.

I'm working on a small scale one time voice project. It's still on planning stage. I only have the concept in my head, I just haven't got the time/too lazy to produce it yet. I expect it to be released sometime within June.

About this chapter: this is a really emotionally intense chapter. You can feel the intensity of the reveal and confrontation between Tobari and our big bad. But this marks one other thing: now I can stop using the word "Big Bad" or "Antagonist" and start refer him with his real name next week. If you followed my twitter, I casually used his real name back when I still sharing the link to comico page for early spoilers.

So here's the beginning of "For You" arc. This is going to be another long one. Next week will be a double release because we reached our $20 stretch goal (for real this time).

Chapter 69.

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