Ake no Tobari Chapter 68

Nanaten here coming clean. I used the money from patreon and donations to buy gears for audio and video recording instead of saving it for manga raws. Last week I used it to buy an audio interface for sound recording. It arrived the night after last week's post and it works amazing. I feel like i have to come clean about this because I always feel buyer's remorse every time I made a purchase on electronics.

Recently, we have a running joke about how I easily break things, especially electronics, so everyone basically told me to keep away from their gadget and stuff. The owner turned around for one second and it's already broken. Not a normal kind of broken, but the kind of broken that will take weeks to repair because a very specific part broke. So far I have broken one notebook, one laptop cooling fan, two power supplies, and one graphic card, The latest victim was my own phone I accidentally dropped while rope jumping back in February. Instead of breaking the screen, it broke the battery connector inside. That was the reason why I always receive my brother's hand-me-downs. I hope my new audio interface last.

About this chapter: this is an intermission chapter, sort of. While it conclude last week's arc, it immediately introduce a new arc.

So here's the conclusion of Shimon's arc. Next week we will finally know the identity of our beloved psychopath.

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