Ake no Tobari Ch. 66-67

Nanaten here. After ranting about it, I'm not as in a foul mood as I did last week. As the proof of that, I was able to put up this double release this week despite both were particularly long.

I got into Bo Burnham's songs lately. I was looking for a new comedy music to listen to. I must say, I regret ever watching Steel Panther "Glory Hole" music video. Damn you, WatchMojo!!! Recently I also listened to "Money" by Mystery Skull. I'm thinking of using it for my next cosplay video.

My taste in music aside, here's an actual proper announcement: Citrus Project's official fanpage is officially up! You can check it here. Maybe I should match the link with my other account as it was confusing as hell going through my facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, and livejournal. So please drop a like at the facebook page!

About this chapter: we finally arrive at the climax of this mini-arc. But the overall arc is far from over. Like I said, this is my favorite arc. The demon trio got their own time in the spotlight. And the brief flashback was a nice touch.

So here's this month's double release. Like I said last month, there won't be any further double release unless we reach the next stretch goal on patreon. Next week: conclusion of the mini arc slash introduction to the next mini arc.

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