Ake no Tobari Ch. 80

Nanaten here. I'm officially 23. I already bought myself two gifts which just arrived today: a new dynamic microphone and Reimei's staff for my Reimei cosplay which I will do sometimes this year (special thanks to RinCosWork for the amazing props). I must say that things have been looking up for me. To show you my appreciation, I will now ridicule myself in a form of a montage video (fair warning: annoying Nanaten for the entire video):

Thank you for all of your support through this ongoing journey. I first start this as a hobby and way to improve my skill. I never thought to actually do this for a living. And I must say, I enjoy every part of it. I will do my best to keep improving.

Now, a moment of silence for the departed Chester Bennington. I'd never thought to hear the news of my childhood singer's demise on my birthday (unless I got the timezone wrong again). I was listening to Linkin Park's Iredecent in class on Thursday. 

For another downer news: Back at July 2nd, Batoto received a DMCA notice from Comico to take down several Comico's webmangas from their site. That included Ake no Tobari. This means I can no longer upload Ake no Tobari chapters at Batoto. But don't worry, I will still update new chapters here. Also from this chapter on, I will also provide a download link in this blog and on my patreon page.

About this chapter: this week I learned how to use blur effect on Paint.net. As you know, I used Paint.net to do redrawing and typesetting like a noob. The effect made redrawing a lot easier. And this time I still remember to save the cleaned and redrawn files.

So here's Ake no Tobari. I'll talk to you again on the next post.

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