April Fool's Day

Sorry guys, but no chapter this week.

I've been so busy with Makassar Toys Expo videos that I forgot to do other chapters. That and I still haven't seen any replies from Mayu. (Edit: Mayu contacted me and he said he couldn't do it.) So next week, I will post unedited version of this month's first double release.

Also in spirit of April Fool's Day I decided to post my most troll video ever, myself singing History Maker from the amazing Yuri on Ice anime.

This was shot back in February after that Koi Dance video. Special thanks to Mr. Info Event, Alam Walker, and WASD Labs for the footages. Unfortunately no one actually expect me to sing this, so no one started recording before the middle of the first verse. And I have to end the video because at that point, there was a mess with the instrumental track and things got awkward there.

Speaking of April Fool's Day, this year, Comico also did something on their website. They decided to make parody of Pokemon GO by posting an ad for their brand new app called ComiCon. The premise is that you catch your favorite Comico characters inside an ice cream cone. Very creative, guys.

Other Comico artists, totally playing along with the joke, posted drawings of their series' characters in a cone. So if you happen to follow one of Comico author's twitter and happen to see your favorite character in a cone, now you know why. Here're Tobari and Yonaga in a cone taken straight from Momo Chidori's twitter:

Anyway, that's it for april fool's. Next week will be double release week. Since it is unedited, they will probably be released publicly instead of one week delay.