Ake no Tobari Ch. 36

Nanaten here sitting at home because of November 4th closed all of my favorite shops thus ruining my Friday night plan. If you ask about what I think, I don't particularly care. People keep posting about this on my facebook timeline prior to the event I got sick of it. Even though this happened at the capital, I'm hundreds of miles away, so it doesn't really affect me (not that I noticed). I also made a verbal slip up that caused many people angry at me online, although not to that degree, so I can relate (a bit).

That aside, I spent my Friday night writing this post while watching Natsume's Book of Friends as you can see from my twitter. Speaking of twitter, I found a bootleg Pokemon Go T-shirt with TheJWittz's thumbnail pic on it. I didn't buy it because it has a terrible print quality. It was worse than my bootleg Dangan Ronpa T-shirt.

About this chapter: I changed the slime's font to Comix to signal his smoother tone. I was supposed to do that on previous two chapters, but I only found that font a few days after I uploaded chapter 35. Back when he first appeared, he spoke sluggish and stutter. But now, he speaks more politely, albeit still stutter. I still don't know about his archaic ways of speaking, sorry about that.

So here's the last chapter of Shadow arc. Next arc will be about the aftermath of "Flower for You".

Chapter 36.

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