Ake no Tobari Ch. 35

Nanaten here currently analyzing my data. I'm learning how to use SPSS. It's fun to learn new things every day, especially when it's totally not mundane at all. Yes, I was being sarcastic.

Anyway, I'm officially moved to our new house. I need to re-install my PC, so I'm still using my laptop.

As for my "Your Name" covers, I see many positive response of my "Nandemonaiya" sample. Thank you for that. I'm currently writing lyrics for other songs as well. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone to do the acoustic music. I do know some people, but I haven't contacted them because we're too busy with our own events. Speaking of events, Happy Hetalia Day 2016, Halloween, and Indonesian Youth Pledge!

About this chapter: cleaning this chapter is a bitch! I didn't do a decent job! And what's worse? I forgot to backup the cleaned file, so I have to redo everything if I want to make a correction or translate it to another language!!! AAAARGH!!!

So here's the Ake no Tobari finally out of hiatus. Next week: the climax of Shadow arc.

Chapter 35.

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