Ake no Tobari Ch. 37

Nanaten here contemplating the fact that I will never get season 3 of Log Horizon or any continuation of the light novel. I finally finished watching season 2 this week and I'm sad that I'll never see how the story end.

Random stuff: so how about that U.S. President Election, huh? Never thought that Donald Trump would win. I don't particularly care about the election as I'm living on different continent. For me, that news was overshadowed by Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS and the fact that Nintendo has stopped producing Wii U in Japan. There's also the release of Kaiouki aizoban edition volume 3. Fan Gamma Bizen looked amazing on the cover as always.

About this chapter: This chapter sets a few days after previous chapter. We finally know the name of that slime. 

So here's Tobari and Tekka trying to hide from Yonaga.

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