Shura no Toki Vol. 11 Ch. 1a

Nanaten here. I know that this is something you did not expect. I kinda lost the raws for volume 9-10 (the Bahasa Indonesia version). My usual rental place is moving to new location near mine, but I'm also moving away from there (though it's still reachable). So I'm starting fresh. Currently, I'm at my hometown conducting an experiment for my thesis. I'll be here for a month at most.

This is one of the arcs I've always wanted to translate. It's the story of Oda Nobunaga and Yakumo's grandfather and (later) father. I already post a chapter of this arc last year (spoiler alert). As you can see, Masatoshi's artwork has improved to be the art we've seen in his recent works.

This chapter is so long (140 pages), so I have to split it into two parts. Other reason is that Tatsumi won't be making any other appearance after this chapter until the end of the arc (spoiler).

Anyway, here's the first part of Tatsumi's chapter. Next chapter will be up in two weeks.

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