Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Epilogue

Nanaten's Random Friday

Nanaten here. I've done my research proposal last Friday. My thesis is far from over. But I will still try to post at least once every two weeks. This was supposed to be posted tomorrow, but since it's not a regular update, I moved it to Random Friday.

Over the weekend, I decided to watch Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Needles to say, I craved for more, so I decided to read the manga. But as you can see, the manga's translation is on hiatus. So I did what I always do: get the final volume raw and spoil myself. I mean there's only 3 volume gap, right? What can I miss? My only review on it is that the Holy Light Church Pope guy is an assh*le. So I get the final volume and skipped to the final pages.

I decided to translate the last eight pages of the epilogue because anything further than that is spoiler. The epilogue details the fates of all the characters after the final battle, so it's spoiler heavy. Before you say anything, no, I won't translate the rest of the series. I already have so many on my plate, it's spilling all over the floor. It is just a random translation I did on a whim as for any other Random Fridays.

Actually, there's also a bonus page after Special Gallery. It's a bonus manga "The Way of Maid" featuring Chief Maid, Little Sister Maid, and Big Sister Maid. But I decided not to translate that either because it's actually part of a series, so if I want to translate that, I have to translate those from previous volume as well.

So here's Maoyuu epilogue featuring Hero, Demon Lord, and Female Knight. Next week will be posted on Saturday as usual. You can already see what I will post from the schedule and you can read it now on my patreon.

(Edit: Turns out that the manga is already licensed. You can buy the entire series at Bookwalker. My bad!)

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