Shura no Toki Vol. 11 Ch. 1b

Art by Ponzu (Pixiv ID:458986)
Nanaten here. I'm done conducting my experiment and currently analyzing the results. The experience is pleasant. The subjects are cooperative and attentive. It was a pleasure working with them. I hope the results turn up well for my thesis.

Three weeks into fall anime season and I must say there's so many good shows this time. I wanted to make a first impression post yesterday, but I couldn't find the time. If I must say, the best pilot episode so far is probably Yuri!! On Ice, March Comes Like a Lion, and Nyanbo. They caught me with stunning visuals and animation.

Since this chapter sets in  during Warring States era, I would also like to talk about Sengoku Choujuu Giga. It is surprisingly funny. I highly recommend it. I rarely see a wood ink style art animation so it's good to get out of the norm. The voice acting also adds its own charm. I've always liked that kind of voice acting in a short series (Peeping Life, Aku no Hana). Even if sometimes I don't get the joke because I'm not a weeb enough, it was an amusing short series.

About this chapter: I don't think using Blambot Casual font actually conveys the dialogue well, especially on the action part. And combining it with Anime Ace kinda makes it worse. To be fair, I'm just a translator. I don't have the knack at cleaning and typesetting. Sorry about that.

I really like Oda's character development in this part. He has grown wiser and charismatic in a course of one chapter. On the other hand Tatsumi has also gone through a change. You can see it on his eyes that the death of his loved one really affected him. But he still have the strength to keep going unlike a certain Mutsu *cough**cough*Izumi*cough**cough*.

This marks the final appearance of Tatsumi in this volume. Next chapter will feature with his sons, Torahiko and Komahiko.

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