Ake no Tobari Ch. 29

Nanaten here.

Great news, the author just got out of the hospital. However, we still don't know when the series will resume. In other news, Reimei was voted as the sexiest man in Comico's Gravure Grand Prix. I didn't know there was a vote. I put the picture at the end of this chapter as bonus.

Recently, I purchased a round framed fake Ray-ban because I got way into Macross 7. My friend said that I look like an A-hole wearing that. But I think I look like an annoying The Beatles posse.

I mentioned few weeks back that I was thinking of working on Bahasa Indonesia version of Fire Bomber songs and I did. I'm currently working on Bahasa Indonesia version of Angel Voice from Dynamite OVA. As the title suggest, it is only a sample of what I got so far. The lyric is pretty done, but it is hard to get the notes right because of my flat voice. Singing with a headset could also be the problem but I just stick with flat voice thing. You can also check my other recent sample of White Light ver. Bahasa Indonesia on my Soundcloud.

This chapter is nothing but cuteness and fanservice that I collapsed and nosebleed in my mind. I just can't stop imagining that Tobari is naked this entire chapter. We might got a glimpse of Tobari's background which we'll get to on next arc, but my favorite part is Reimei and Hibachi. This time I have to ask: in what voice you hear Hibachi? In my head, Hibachi sounds like Togepi from Pokemon anime.

As for Shimon, now you know the reason why I sympathize with the character. We know what's there in store for him.

So here's cuteness overload chapter of Ake no Tobari. Next chapter is a new arc.

Chapter 29.

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