Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar Vol. 1 Extra 1

Nanaten here. When someone said extra chapter all I heard was fanservice. And once again, this chapter does not disappoint. In the original anime, the closest thing we get to naked girls is during the opening song. And I thought that was enough. But again, there's no such thing as enough fan-service in Japan, apparently.

Last week, someone posted how I really need a quality checker and he's right. I really need one. And I'm pretty sure many people wanted to improve this series (or every other series really) as well. So for the past two weeks I've been practicing on making a script. For now it's just a txt file containing translated script and I rely on Ms. Word's spell check. However, I'm too lazy to type the script in Japanese, so I won't do that. But hey, baby steps, right?

Random stuff: Just caught up with Lucifer and Constantine season one. There's something about police procedural combined with supernatural element that intrigues me. Such a shame Constantine got canceled though. But Lucifer season two is coming this September. I hope they stick with the punishment pattern like in Detective Loki manga. I like it when Lucifer did it on episode 2.

There's also many good shows coming up in October, like Ash vs Evil Dead, Powerless, Bates Motel, and Lethal Weapon. However, I have to put Frequency on hold because I have a feeling it won't last long.

So here's Isekai no Sexy Monogatari (see what I did there?). Next week: another fanservice extra.

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