Ake no Tobari Ch. 25

Nanaten here wishing everyone Happy Idul Fitri. As per Indonesian tradition, it is the homecoming season. Bags are packed, acquaintance are met, and families are reunited. And since I don't have friends back in my hometown, that means I don't have plans since day one and have been hanging around in net spots like a homeless person.

So, Pokemon GO is online. And as per usual, my phone is incompatible (there's also that region problem but what's the point?). While people in my facebook timeline have been posting pokemons they caught, I just sitting here typing my insecurities on my blog.

Depressing stuff aside, recently, I've been binge watching Macross 7. I think that since "Giri Giri Ai" is so popular (me, my brother, and fellow anime lover I acquaintaced keep singing it), it's best to visit the best music in Macross series. I mean, Minmay who, right?

While listening to the amazing Fire Bomber songs, I started working on Indonesian version of those songs. Hence, I am now on Bandhub (because of something totally unrelated).

(Spoiler warning) This chapter is rather depressing. It started well then suddenly it shocked me by the end of it. I already said last week that it has something to do with another interpretation of the chapter title. Fortunately, the author draw a bonus illustration after that to soften the blow. I already joined the image below. I also included images from the authors twitter account.

So here's Ake no Tobari chapter 25. Next week is the final "A Flower for You" chapter.

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P. S.: I didn't make a review on this month's issue of Monthly Shonen Magazine because I've been busy lately.