Ake no Tobari Ch. 24

Nanaten here. Just consulted with my advisor abou my final paper. Long story short: now I know the focus of my research.

Recently I've been hype with Zero Time Dilemma. I haven't played previous titles. So I've been spoiling myself with gameplay footages and whatnot. I played the game yesterday. I feel bad when I chose Q Team to die. And everyone's scream at the decontamination room....

About this chapter: Reimei gets all the spotlight. And Kagome makes another appearance. 

It's really hard to find something to say when your mom is sitting behind you telling to stop using the computer. We'll be going back home today and won't be back until next week. Since I already done up to chapter 27, all is good.

Next week, the climax of this arc and another interpretation of the arc's name. 

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