Shura no Toki Vol. 8 Ch. 3

And that's the end of volume 8. Next volume's gonna be action packed (and less footnotes). But I'll be starting new semester on Monday (07.30 a.m. on Monday? Seriously?).

News: It's official, you can't read Shura no Toki: Showa Arc in the digital version of Monthly Shonen Magazine. So I have to wait for at least six months for the tankobon version. Let me know in the comments if you found the raws somewhere.

Random stuff: So I was searching in twitter and 2ch (looking for spoilers). Wow, I can't believe this had turn into something this big. I see that everyone watched the anime. (Great! now the DVD is out of stock. How am I supposed to get one from Amazon now?) I also found that they made a Shura no Toki slot machine. Why no one mentioned me that? Just search for 修羅の刻 in twitter and you'll find it. I also found a doujin on pixiv during C85. Does anyone have the scan for that?

So here's Kiichi Mutsu. I'll be doing Fudekage next and maybe final part of Yakumo's arc.

(Btw, does anyone know how to credit someone's art from pixiv?)

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