Shura no Toki Vol. 8 Ch. 2

I hate this chapter. There, I said it! Not this series, but this chapter in particular.

There's too many footnotes, I simply gave up on them. Most of them are just simple trivia about the people mentioned on said pages. So if you really want to know, just google them yourself!

But now I can finally say goodbye to this chapter. Next chapter is my favorite in this arc.

Other stuff: wow, everyone seemed to enjoy Ashita Aozora.

News: Comixology has announced that they will publish manga from Kodansha Comics. Unfortunately, Shura no Mon, Shura no Toki, and rest of Masatoshi Kawahara's works are not on the list. Apparently people on the States only care about Attack on Titan (seriously, does Attack on Titan High School anime necessary?).

Other news: I just contacted Elex Media to reprint Shura no Toki because Showa Arc is coming. I told them that Kodansha published a premium edition of Shura no Toki with new cover (go to YesAsia if you want to buy it). If you live in Indonesia, please contact Elex Media and request for reprint as well (here's the link). I have no idea how to make a petition.

Anyway, here's Shura no Toki: f*ck these footnotes edition.