Citrus Project sings Identity (Shura no Toki OP)

Nanaten's Random Friday

I got bored.

A month ago I mentioned that I'm gonna do a cover for Shura no Toki's OP. But where's the fun of just listening to my amazingly annoying voice (also I kinda f*cked up my youtube account)?  So let's do something different, shall we?

Premise: record your voice singing Shura no Toki OP. Show everyone just how much you love this series.

You can get the song here, vocal, instrumental, and lyrics included.

Sorry if I kinda messed up with the instrumental version, let me know if you can do better.

Make sure all your files vocals only, no background noise, mp3/wav/flac preferred.

  • Make sure you turn off your fan/air conditioner before recording, background noise is always a mood killer (especially when there's a murderer behind you when you're recording... get it?). Also try not to click your mouse too much, it does show up on the recording.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and your mic.
  • Your song doesn't have to sound good, but the absolute golden rule is that you have to try your best. Seriously, it might sound corny, but you can clearly hear the difference between someone who's just going through the motions and someone who's giving it their all. So don't hold back, feel free to let it all out! Show me your love!
Send your recording to Deadline: October 3rd