Shura no Toki Vol. 01 Ch. 02b

And that's the last time Yakumo is ever seen again.

I decided not to translate the timeline because I don't feel like it. You can see from (lack of) cleaning, that I rushed this chapter too much. My nose is runny and my right eye is watering. I'm in bad shape.

About that "Citrus Project Sings" thing.... I'm really excited working on this and I'm expecting full participation from you guys. I've tried to do other sings project with other people someplace else, but for some reason, they still haven't given me anything yet. Probably because they don't know how to record their voice using audacity. I think this time is going to go smoothly. Well, I could just make a threat that I'll quit translating manga if you're not participating but you already know that I'm a terrible at committing.

Also, today is the last day of the big vote. There's over 300 votes coming in and I'm excited in working on it as much as you do. Just don't get disappointed when your series doesn't make it. Who knows? Someone else might've pick it up. (or me when I got sick of translating all these series)

Random stuff: my parents are back in town. For some reason, my toilet got clogged again. Is it a coincidence?

Anyway, enjoy the last part of Yakumo's arc. I'm gonna go and sleep.

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