Shura no Toki Vol. 7 Ch. 2

At last! I've finally done it!
There are many problems regarding finishing this chapter:
  1. My laptop broke again, so I couldn't finish it back in my hometown.
  2. My manga rental place pulled off the raws out of their shelve, so it took days to ask for it back.
  3. My brother and his friends are using my PC to play TERA Online, breaking its power supply (well, it was old anyway).
  4. The power of procrastination is strong.
It's like the universe is telling me not to translate this chapter. But I won't give up!!! Though I do need to take a break from translating from time to time. Some problem with my college server causing me and all of my colleagues unable to register in classes. It's been going on for two weeks now.

You might be asking why I keep ranting at the beginning of the chapter every time. Well, guess what? I just got #7 of my birthday wishlist!!! I can finally put ads in this blog. And because of the ads (and a bunch of other random stuff) on the sidelines, they might get in the way while reading. So all I have to do is to throw bunch of other random stuff here. Besides, It gives me a space to vent.

Regarding this chapter: there's a bunch of notes in this chapter. Some of it are actually real notes from the manga (the ones with asterisk) while the other are mine. I apologize if my notes are annoying. So in this chapter, all of Yoshitsune's four heavenly kings are introduced. My first opinion is that they're different than their Shana Ou Yoshitsune counterpart. But that's just the difference in their art styles. Anyway, yeah. No Mutsu this chapter. How sad!

Also, starting next chapter/volume, I'm going back to using Japanese name order and stuff. Makes me thinking, should I also translate the afterword? It feels to much work. But I'm thinking of maybe translating Tenchi Muyo GXP light novel sometime in the future, so this might be a good exercise (I mean GXP novel without NB, can it get any better?).

Random stuff: Recently my brother bought instant shakes and had been drinking it for a week. If my mother heard about this, she would be so angry. I might be posting random stuff separately. It's just there're so many thing I want to say and I keep forgetting about it. I might use them as a comedy material once I decided to become one or a screenwriter (or both). If you want to use it, fine! As long as I get the proper credit (or at least inform me about it). But most of them are lame and utterly depressing. I mean I'm twenty one yet I worry about stuff like my blood sugar (I had it checked back in June and it's still fine).

So without further ado, here's Mutsu-less Shura no Toki chapter.