Next Project Preview

In my previous post, I said I'm gonna put a vote for which series shall I do next after Fudekage (My conscience: Seriously, dude? You haven't even finished with Fudekage and now you decided to do another series? You already have your hands full with Shura no Toki and you still haven't finish with your class registration. Heck, even your spelling and grammar still suck!). 

So here's a preview on every (major) series by Masatoshi Kawahara that I wanted to translate. (No! Corseltel is too advanced for me to translate! If you can do it, I can provide you with the raws!)

Shura no Mon: Dai ni Mon

It's the direct sequel of Shura no Mon, set three years after the end of the first series. At the final volume of Shura no Mon, Tsukumo won a Vale Tudo in Brazil and set on another journey to find a man named Kenshin Maeda. After a battle off-screen (which will be revealed in volume 14), Tsukumo came back all bloody and traumatized. He came back to Japan for recovery. But, his granfather said that he is not the same man anymore.

By the way, you can see the preview of the first series here as I currently don't have the raws.

 Yeah, I just realized there's no line in the first three pages....


This is actually the first Masatoshi Kawahara's series that I've read. It was also the first series that someone requested to me when I'm doing Fudekage, resulting this vote. But with 37 volumes to go, I'm not confident I could finish it. But we'll see what I can do.

Paradise Gakuen

Now let's get away from action theme and go to romance (kind of). The premise is that a guy saw a popular pure girl's "private part". Because she was so embarassed, she ask him to marry her. Because he didn't believe her, she entered the school's popularity contest. And as for the contest itself, let's just say things got out of hand because of that "private part" incident. This manga is the reason why I'm currently watching all of Masaki Kajishima's hentai anime (well that and my love for Tenchi Muyo). It has over the top comedy ecchi that keeps me asking "Why they never arrest those guys?".

 And it goes on for the next three volumes.

Ashita Aozora

Now back to the action but not leaving romance genre, comes Ashita Aozora . The premise is that a strong karate girl is attacked by a bunch of people, And her childhood guy friend came to the resque. The twist is that he used to be a weakling and came back stronger. More stronger that her. And things went Shura no Mon-ish.... But it has more romance than Shura no Mon series.

 And no, it's not him.


Hero is basically what happens when Masatoshi Kawahara and Adachi Mitsuru decided to make a collaboration. It has football, karate, love triangle, and blood. 

That's all of (major) Masatoshi Kawahara's series I'm interested in translating. You can vote for which series I'm going to do next after I'm done with the Fudekage's next chapter, which (hopefully) will be released on Saturday. In the meantime, here's the obligatory chapter preview.