Shura no Mon Iden: Fudekage Vol. 7 Ch. 20

Phew! Made it!!! Still there's so many redrawing job required that I just threw it away and decided to go for /ak/ method (except for the spread pages).

Four chapters to go. I should really get back working on Shura no Toki. I've been getting a lot of positive response from all of you (despite all of grammar mistakes, typos, poor vocabulary). It's nice to see that people enjoyed this series.

As for the plan which series should I do next after Fudekage, like I said on previous chapter, I'm gonna put a vote. But before that I'm thinking maybe I will do at least one chapter of every candidates and see how you would response. As for the candidates, there are:
  1. Hero. Basically reverse Fudekage (soccer girl and karate boy) with Adachi Mitsuru-styled romance (you know, childhood friend, love triangle, sport and stuff). Only this time with actual blood.
  2. Ashita Aozora. Basically Prototype Shura no Mon.
  3. Paradise Gakuen. This is the series that reminds me that 80's ecchi manga is really f*cked up. Two days ago, I asked Rapeman if he could do it. But unfortunately, he's too busy with DMZ. I was hoping that he would because from what I read, it's basically school for rapist (I mean seriously, how come they never arrest the principal?)
That's the candidate for new series (well, not new as in recent. I mean it's 20 years old manga). As for manga that has been abandoned, here're the candidates:

  1. Shura no Mon. Yes, this includes Dai ni Mon. Well, at least finish the second arc and go straight to Dai ni Mon.
  2. Kaiouki. There's still 37 volumes to go. Do you think I could handle it?
  3. STOP DOING ALL THESE SERIES AND GO BACK TRANSLATING CORSELTEL NO RYUUJUTSUSHI ALREADY!!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm pretty sure some people would scream this....

Other random stuff I would like to say: recently I'm starting to download manga raw because I just couldn't handle the waiting game. It really put a strain on my harddrive, so I encoded most of my anime to hi10 (I know, right?). It makes me think that maybe I should go back doing subtitle for Baby and Me. One of my friend acquaintance asked me about it. Heck! Even my parents questioning me translating these manga. But I'll leave it at that.

Anyway, back to Fudekage vs. Gigantes. I'll probably going to do SnT at the same time. It's been more than two weeks (Well that chapter is actually two chapters worth the ammount, so that's a given). And I really need to go outside (last time I did was to return the manga I rented. Does that count)....

Apologize for the notes beforehand.