Shura no Mon Iden: Fudekage Vol. 7 Ch. 19

Phew! Just in time!
Not that I'm expecting anything, but my birthday is tomorrow (July 21st). I'm guessing that everyone who're very close to me forgot about it. That's why I'm making this birthday wishlist (not that anyone would actually read it, but here you go):

  1. Condenser Mic
  2. Camera Lens for my phone
  3. Smartphone tripod
  4. External soundcard
  5. Hard disk for my PC
  6. Complete volume of any Masatoshi Kawahara's series
  7. Google Adsense aprooval for my blog
  8. Kitchen knife set
  9. Apron
  10. Internet domain name (citrusproject)
  11. 100 youtube subscribers
  12. Money
  13. People who actually want to celebrate my birthday.
The first four is something I want at the moment. I hope someone would buy me those.

Now back to Fudekage! This chapter is just another intermission. Sorry about those Translation Notes! I just couldn't resist (seriously, is there a soccer term for "Buzzer Beater"?). Also, we get to see Shima and Satsuka doing comedy routine for the last time. Yeah! We only have 5 chapters to go. 

About a week ago, someone asked me if I'm interested in continuing the translation of Kaiouki. To tell you the truth, I'm interested in translating every Masatoshi Kawahara's work (which is why I'm staring to think that this blog is turning into his fansite), including Kaiouki. But there's college and all, which is why after i'm done with volume 7, I will put up a vote on which Masatoshi Kawahara's work shall I translate next. 

As for Fudekage vs. Gigantes next chapter, I'm going to release it on usual rate (which is random). But for the last three chapters (volume 8) I'm thinking of releasing it all at once. So you will probably going to have to bear with a massive cliffhanger at the end of volume 7, but let me tell you: It's worth it! (Let's just say that manly tears were shed when I read it....)