CnR-KM Vol. 6 Ch. 40

 Nanaten here with the first post of 2024.

Okay, bye....

Joke aside. I have been extremely busy, that it took me a whole two weeks just to finish this chapter. So let's start from the top:

Our VCB 2023 entry is up

I participated in Vintange Chorus Battle as a ringer for this team, Six of Hearts. Our entry for the first round is Queen of Hearts. Recording this was kinda tough. There was a lot of code switching between Japanese and English involved; some awkward phrasings; and we couldn't decide on the instrumental to use. Truth to be told, I wasn't very satisfied with the final product. But at least it wasn't the worst entry in the CB.

Nanaten Awards 2023 is coming

Oh shoot, I forgot to announce it here, didn't I? So, yeah. Just like last year, we're doing another award show type of thing that also coincides with my third vtuber anniversary. The voting period is ending today. So I was a little bit late to announce it. Whoops.

Anyway, if there is still time, please go ahead and pick your favorite stream moments here.

About this chapter:

Before you proceed with this chapter, please make sure you've read the spin-off Illbeck no Seireijutsushi as next two volumes details the event of that manga from the perspective of the dragon mages. This is the volume that I am most excited about. I love crossover chapter, especially when it's tied to the character arc. Usually, manga crossovers are considered non-canon; characters meet, interact, and never get referenced again; mostly due to  the opposing nature of the respective series. But not this one. In this volume, we get the explanation on why the dragon mages appeared the way they did in the spin-off series. There are some hilarious expalanation, and they all tied to the overall lore of the series.

Also, the entire spin off was published between volume 5 and 6. So if we're going by publishing date, that's the reading order.

So anyway, here is the chapter. As usual let me know if you find any mistake or error in the chapter. Next week will be an Ake no Tobari update.

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