Oneshot: I am not Me

 Nanaten here wishing everyone a happy holiday. I am currently spending it with my brother at the city. I've been so busy this past week, that I think I deserve myself a little R&R at the city and just hanging out with my friends so here are the stuff I did.

Did a Graduation Ceremony Livestream

I was a part of the graduation commitee for my campus and I volunteered to manage the livestream. This is my first streaming a live event, and my first time directing a livestream. I feel like all my experience of doing events and livestreaming on twitch has led me to this moment. And the result is... pretty okay, I guess. There were some hiccups and equipment failures, along with miscommunication with the camera crew. But overall, it's a pretty decent stream. Will probably doing more campus events.

Butchered Snow Halation at a live Karaoke event

I went to a live Karaoke session at a Cosplay event. Usually when I do this sort of thing, I would participate as my vtuber avatar as I couldn't be there in-person. But this time, since I am at the city, might as well go. Originally, I planned on singing Ch4nge by Giga, but I got peer pressured into singing Snow Halation. But, since I don't care about Love Live franchise, I thought might as well do a little bit of trolling. So I tried to sing Snow Halation but it's actually Baka Mitai


Except I butchered the Baka Mitai portion as well. I completely missed the vocal cue therefore messed up sections of the song. By the end of it, I just moaning "Baka mitai" over and over again. But it's still a fun experience. Will do it again next holiday season.

Played Beyblade for the first time in 20 years

Hung out with my old TCG buddies. The tcg community has a new hangout place which fortunately, is pretty close to my brother's. So I visited the place and just catch up with them. It's fascinating how much the TCG has evolved after the pandemic. For starters, I didn't know that there's a localized version of Cardfight Vanguard. I might consider coming back to Vanguard once the Bermuda Triangle support gets localized. Fun fact: Did you know that Citrus Project first started as a Cardfight Vanguard team? It was comprised of players with decks built solely on the kawaii factor. That team has long been disbanded, but their legacy lives on.

Another thing that's really popular at that place is beyblade apparently. I used to play it when I was a kid with the original anime. Back then, we played bootleg beyblade using a wok as an arena. Today, with Beyblade Burts, the local beyblade community is on the rise. I looked at some of the parts and I was baffled that they're available in booster pack. Like somehow, Takara Tomy managed to turn beyblade into a gacha game. So I decided to play for a round. And I must say, I get the hype. Pulling the string to let it rip has never felt so satisfying. I might actually start getting into it.

Saw The Boy and The Heron

Right before the writing of this post, I went and saw the new Ghibli movie, The Boy and The Heron, with my brother. My impression: it was alright. Some say it's his best work, but I wouldn't put it in top 5. I get the theme and metaphores Hayao Miyazaki was trying here, but to me some of the scenes feel like treading old threads to some of his more notable works. There's nothing groundbreaking, imo. Still, I had an enjoyable time watching it. I laughed at some of the scenes. It was a good time. Definitely gonna check out the English dub as well. I mean, Robert Pattison as the Heron? Sign me up.

About this manga

So we're doing something different. This is a one-shot manga by Yuto Oseri, Boku ga Boku Janai (I am not Me). It was published back in June at Shonen Jump+. I was browsing through rawkuma when I stumbled upon this one-shot. And I liked it so much. I mean, if I didn't I wouldn't have translated it like this.

Translating this one-shot took me a couple of weeks, cleaning and typesetting included. I thought I could finish it in one day, but I overestimated myself. Still, I'm happy the final product turned up the way it would.

So here is the one-shot. As usual, let me know if you find any error or mistake in there. Happy holidays.

I am not Me Oneshot: Read Online | Download